Thursday, 22 November 2012


It is with a very heavy heart that I must write that we have no kittens.
Anni unexpectedly went into labour yesterday afternoon and after a very strenuous hour of contractions she produced one breach kitten which appeared dead I tried to revive it and saw a last flutter of a heartbeat which faded.
I let Anni groom the kitten for a short while before I removed it from her, she started straining again as if contractions were starting but didn't seem happy so I rushed her to the vets.
The vet gave her an internal examination and was convinced there were more kittens so administered a shot of oxytocin to try move things along. We left her in a dark room in the warmth for half an hour and when there was still no progress the vet administered another shot of oxytocin.
Another half hour went by and Anni seemed quite happy purring and paddling with her paws very affectionate with the Vet and I but still no progress with regards to kittens.
At this point we made the choice to give her a C section. They admitted her and I went home to wait....
I eventually got the call from the vet to say Anni was OK - I burst into tears! But there were no more kittens, somehow it seems there was just the singleton kitten who didn't survive.
I collected Anni a short while later and although moving around on 'space legs' she seemed almost herself.
I was so releived to get her home and that she was OK, she was a bit groggy and not interested in food but by the time Wayne got home from work she was purring her little head off again asking for cuddles.
A very traumatic experience and I think it's affected me more than it has her, to hold that little kitten in the palm of my hand and know I had done everything in my power.

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