Thursday, 15 November 2012

Ruin... first visit to UK vet.

We took Ruin for his pre-neuter check at Vets4Pets in Swinton, Manchester yesterday... of course everyone fell in love with him! He's 7.5mths old and weighed in at 5.5kg and I noticed whilst we were in the waiting room that the 11 weeks old Golden Retreiver that was there for his 2nd vaccination had feet the same size as Ruin..... My gosh this cat is gonna get huge!

Whilst the vet was inputting all his details into their computer from his Pet Passport he spent the time mooching around the room peering at the screen to see what she was writing about him, he was not at all phased by being somewhere new just took it in his stride as always.

He goes into be neutered on 28th of this month and the Receptionist was saying she's really looking forward to sneaking lots of cuddles in whilst he's there. She was telling me they have one other person with a Maine Coon who goes there, a little old lady who has to go and give the vet her car keys so that the vet can get him out of her car for her and apparently he has a rather small carrier so you can see all his fur sticking out!!
After going to the vets - chilled as ever!

This morning whilst I was getting ready for work I noticed Ruin was asleep on top of his carrier in the back bedroom, I was in the bathroom and heard a thud... rushed into the bedroom to find the carrier upside down on he floor and him sat in the middle of the room looking round as if to say 'what happened there then?' I gave him a cuddle and put the carrier back, guess where he was asleep when I left for work... yup! lol x

If I can't sleep in it..... I'll sleep on it :)

Seconds before him and the carrier fell off...