Saturday, 10 November 2012

Hot water...?

Well it all started off well, Wayne got up to take the bike for it's MOT I waitied for the Asda delivery then set about dying my hair. Getting extensions put in next month so decided to get rid of the red in my fringe and dye it all black again.

Everything was fine until I turned the shower on to rince my hair... hot water as normal super hot, turn the cold tap a little bit... nothing... bit more.... still nothing .. then eventually started to be an OK temperature so I get under the water only for it to go ice cold even when I turned the cold tap off..

So by this point I've got black hair dye running all down my I'm shivvering like hell so jump out of the shower wrap myself in a towel and try avoid dripping hair dye on the cream bathroom carpet or even worse... on Ruin! Ran downstairs and checked the boiler expecting to see that tell tale red light but now the boiler is chugging away to itself and all seems fine. Run back upstairs and put the hot tap on again... gave up with the cold tap and decided burning myself was the easiest way to go.... just as I was rinsing the last bits of conditioner the water all of a sudden becomes barable - bloody typical!!!


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