Friday, 30 November 2012

Ruin... the day has arrived!

Wednesday 28/11/2012

This was Ruin, fast asleep on the sofa last night:
Blissfully unaware what is going to happen tomorrow!!
Took him into the vets for 8.30am and as they weighed him before taking him in 
the receptionist said "I think we can technically call him a lion!"
I'm not gonna argue with that... let's face is they sure would in Essex!!

I got a phonecall just after 1pm to say he'd had the procedure
everything was ok & he was coming round now so all ok to
collect him at 4.30pm when I was due to take Baillee for her booster.

Collection Time:
It seems 'someone' has been getting LOTS of cuddles!
The receptionist has fallen in love with him and aparently they've been grooming him
while he was coming round from the anaesthetic :)
Baillee surprised also today, she was extremely friendly & loving
towards the vet... I really am considering showing her again!!

As soon as Ruin got home he first went to chat to the water fountain
(I presume to tell it all about his day and to apologise for his abcence)
then he sat at his food bowl 'demanding' some tea!

The vet phoned Thursday to check on him..
'balls... what balls!' I think pretty much sums it up!!

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