Saturday, 10 November 2012

Tattoo doodles & sleepless nights..

Cheshire Cat
Still suffering from the after effects of having the flu decided to have an hours kip at 9pm.... I didn't wake up until half past midnight and then seemed pointless getting back up! Couldn't get back to sleep though so went downstairs and curled up on the sofa with Wayne. I replied to a few emails whilst he played on his latest xBox game 'Alice - Madness Returns', he'd been telling me about how cool the Cheshire Cat looked and now I've seen it I've had more tattoo ideas :)

One of my alltime favourite quotes...

The next tattoo I'm working on is a sleeve, based on a daisy chain which starts at the back of my neck loops round my collar bone then wraps round my upper arm ending at the inside of my elbow. This will be my treat to myself when I reach my goal weight of 9 stone - still a way to go on that as I haven't lost any weight this year at all regardless of all the diests etc,. I've tried so far.. Just not motivated enough!!
Back Piece by Genko Tattoo

I want the quote to be on the main part that goes round my arm with the daisies in the back ground. I did the first doodle months ago but it was really lacking something and have been stuck for ideas.. 

I found the picture of the back piece by Genko tattoo on Facebook a few days ago and I now want to try and incorporate something cross between the Cheshire cat and the Genko image into my sleeve :)

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