Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Kittens 2nd vax... belated Update!

I've only just realised I've not updated this sine we moved!!

Baillee had her kittens on 19th March, she had 5: 3 boys & 2 girls! She was still very grumpy with all the other cats and not even letting Anni in the bedroom so Anni spent about 3 weeks sulking.

When the kittens got to around 4 weeks we moved them into the back bedroom and no surprise when we woke up the following morning we found Anni was curled up with Baillee & all 5 kittens.

Ruin was amazing with them, we couldn't believe how gentle he was playing and chasing them around. He tried to pick them up a few times and we were worried he'd accidentally hurt them but they wouldn't even be wet and they certainly didn't seem to mind!!

They seem to have grown up so fast this time, in fact now they're older the only time they are still is when they are quiet - they are loonies!

The kittens are now 12 weeks old and have been to the vets this morning for their 2nd vaccinations and their ID chips. They were all really good and made lots of new friends, everyone there fell in love with them - not surprisingly really!


They'll start going to their new homes next week, seems to have come round really fast! Whilst I'm typing this all cats and kittens are in the new run that Wayne has made.. 

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